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    Gear Up For The VOID, The Fully Immersive VR Experience In Genting Highlands

    Klook team
    Klook team
    14 Mar 2020
    the void

    Where imagination and reality blends seamlessly

    Resorts World Genting has recently unveiled one of it’s latest attractions, The VOID, which gives its guests a unique hyper-reality experience. Truly immersive and exciting, this VR experience using the latest tech which lets you interact with an alternate reality.
    Genting Highlands is the City of Entertainment, after all, so keep reading to find out what The VOID is all about and what to expect.

    About The VOID

    With several other outlets across the world, The VOID in Resorts World Genting is their first in Asia. Dedicated to providing its players with a fully immersive, location-based, and hyper-reality experience, The VOID uses custom VR technology along with physical stages.
    Not only will you be able to move around, but you can also interact with your environment and the other players in your team. Whether you are new to VR or an aficionado, you’ll find this to be pretty impressive and easily one of the best VR experiences you can find in Malaysia.
    Location: Level 1, First World Plaza, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang
    Opening Hours: Daily, 10am to 10pm

    What to expect at The VOID

    After entering and registering, you and your group will be briefed and strapped up to the VR gear (it weighs about 7kg!). The game is best experienced in a group of 4 and in certain cases, they may pair you up with others. ?
    The VOID uses proprietary designed equipment which consists of a backpack attached to a vest and a VR headset that covers your eyes and ears with a display, microphone, and other functions built in. Think of it as a deprivation tank for your eyes and ears to cancel out external sensory so you can be fully immersed in the game.
    The briefing and preparation take about 15 minutes, while the game time is another 15 minutes. Once you’re ready, you’ll be led to the game area. You’ll get your cues to start, and complete certain actions via the display of an alternate reality on your VR headset. The ability of the VR tech includes tracking the motion of the players down to movements of the fingers!
    Aside from interacting with the other players and moving through an alternate reality, you can also feel the hot air from the volcanos you’re seeing or feel the motion of a rickety elevator going up towards a spaceship. The vests come with some surprises as well, like delivering short bursts of vibration when you get shot!
    All in all, the VOID doesn’t disappoint in its promise to deliver a fully immersive experience, where imagination becomes a reality that you can to smell, touch and feel!

    Games at The VOID

    Currently, only Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire is available at the attraction but there are more in the pipeline. About to added to the roster is Ralph Breaks VR, based off the Disney animation, Wreck-It Ralph.
    We hear that there are definitely plans to add more to the current list of games at The VOID in Resorts World Genting!

    1. Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire

    Photo Credit: Resorts World Genting
    Star Wars fan, you can finally travel to the galaxy far, far away! Disguise yourself as a Storm Trooper so you can invade their facility without being found out. You have your orders, so grab your blaster, solve some puzzles, fight giant lava monsters and other Stormtroopers. Who knows, you might even come face-to-face with the ultimate Darth Vader!

    2. Ralph Breaks VR

    Photo Credit: Resorts World Genting
    What time is it? Time to break the Internet with Ralph, of course! In Ralph Breaks VR, not only will you be able to sneak onto the Internet, but you can also play the latest and coolest games alongside Wreck-It Ralph and his other buddies.

    Is The VOID worth it?

    One session of a game at The VOID costs RM130 per player. Whether it’s worth it depends on your budget and if you are into gaming experiences. If you’re a VR enthusiast and/or a Star Wars fan, you will thoroughly enjoy the game.
    Since this game is best played with a group of 4, you’ll also have more fun with people who enjoy these experiences and are willing to pay for it. Besides that, if you have a gamer friend in your life you’d like to treat, it’s a pretty nice gift for them!

    Genting Highlands essentials

    No need to go through the inconvenience of driving up when you can Klook a Genting private car charter and it certainly saves the hassle of looking for parking. Otherwise, you can also opt for the new Awana SkyWay cable car.
    For those coming from the airport, you can get an airport transfer to Genting Highlands from Klook as well. Just sit back and enjoy the view as the experienced driver takes you to your destination. Check out other things you can do in Genting while you’re up there!