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    How To Pick The Right Thai Cooking Class For You When In Bangkok

    14 Mar 2020
    bangkok cooking class

    Time to wok and roll!

    One of the best ways to take an intimate look into the culture of a place is through their food. What better way to experience it yourself than by joining a local cooking class and Bangkok certainly isn’t short of any.
    Also a great souvenir to take away from the city, joining a cooking class should be fun and effortless. While it may difficult to decide which one you should go for, just follow these simple factors to shortlist and pick the perfect cooking class for you!

    List of cooking classes on Klook:

    Five factors to consider

    After seeing that list of cooking classes in Bangkok available on Klook, it might feel like quite the daunting task to pick the one for you. However, simply take into account these few factors and you’ll be able to easily decide which is the perfect cooking class for you:

    1. Location

    One of the factors to consider when picking a cooking class is the location. Going for one that is convenient to get to from where you stay certainly removes most of the headache of figuring out how to get there. Besides that, you can also consider picking a cooking class that is near to other attractions you’re planning to visit to match your itinerary.
    The Baipai Thai Cooking Class is a short 5-minute drive from Chatuchak Weekend Market while a few others are located in the busy Sukhumvit district. If you happen to be in the Pathum Wan area shopping, you can also easily drop by the MyKitchen Cooking Experience in Siam Discovery.

    2. Price point

    A city brimming with cooking classes, you can something at every price point. Find one that fits your budget so that you still have enough to experience the other exciting things that Bangkok has to offer! There are also more advanced and premium classes available for a more unique experience.
    For example, Silom Thai Cooking School offers affordable classes at THB 800 to THB 920. Meanwhile, If you’re willing to spend more, you can opt for private classes from the famous Blue Elephant Cooking Class.

    3. Difficulty level

    Depending on whether you’re an amateur or if you’re enthusiast who’s already gotten all the basic cooking skills locked down, picking one that matches your difficulty is very important. You want to be able to follow along and hopefully leave the class confident enough to make the dish yourself home.
    For those who love cooking, it’s worth to go for one that is more complicated and advanced like the private classes from Blue Elephant. From a fine dining restaurant background and under the competent guidance of experienced chefs, you’ll definitely be a pro after the class!

    4. Cuisine

    You’re picking a cooking class after all, so make sure you pick one where you’ll learn to cook a dish that you actually like. Treat this fun experience as an investment because you’ll be able to cook your own favourite dish from now on. As the saying goes, “teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”!
    You’re bound to find something you like from the different daily menus at Sompong Thai Cooking Class, while comfort classics at Maliwan Thai Cooking Class will bound to win you over.

    5. Overall experience

    After considering all the other factors mentioned above, you can step back and look at the big picture. Think about the overall experience you wish to walk away with. Certain classes like Pink Chili Thai Cooking Class come with a local market shopping, while some focus only on the cooking.
    If you want to make time for other activities, you can opt for one that runs for a few hours like House of Taste Thai Cooking Class. Otherwise, you can also go for a full day private class to truly understand the intricacy of the meal and to master your skills.

    Bangkok essentials

    Make your stay in Bangkok hassle-free by getting all your travel activities and essentials from Klook. Find out how you can easily collect these essentials at the airport or Siam Centre. Klook a Bangkok airport transfer to and from your hotel. Stay connected throughout your stay with a SIM Card, and make your travels easier with a BTS Skytrain one-day pass or Rabbit Card and ARL Ticket.
    For more inspiration, check out our 3D2N Bangkok itinerary and pick a place to stay in one of the cheap but chic hotels in Bangkok!