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    Feel The Fear At Sunway Lagoon’s Nights Of Fright

    14 Mar 2020
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    Face your fears this Halloween month at Sunway Lagoon!

    This October 2017, Sunway Lagoon opens its doors at night for a spooky-filled Halloween month for the fifth year. There will be 8 haunted houses, 5 scare zones, 11 thrill rides and 4 show stages. The park promises Nights of Fright V to be the scariest year yet, so you better get your throat ready for some screaming!
    Ready to feel the fear yet? Tickets are now on sale, and here’s all you need to know for the best horror night out this Halloween!

    How do I get tickets to Nights of Fright V?

    The park is open for Nights of Fright V every Friday to Sunday at 7:30pm to 11:30pm till 31 October 2017. To gain admission to the Halloween special, visitors require a different ticket from the regular Sunway Lagoon pass.
    Here are the 2 different packages that are available on Klook:
    The tickets mentioned above DO NOT include admission into the park during the day. To enter the park before 7pm, visitors have to purchase a regular Sunway Lagoon pass.
    Only visitors who are 12 years and above are allowed entry to Nights of Fright V.

    Nights of Fright V Highlights

    Source: Sunway Lagoon
    Feel the bone-chilling atmosphere as the vibrant and exuberant theme park of Sunway Lagoon turns into a spooky scare town at night this October for an eerie Halloween special.
    The main stars of Nights of Fright V are definitely the haunted houses, and here’s a peek at what the 8 heart-stopping haunted attractions are all about:

    1. Day of the Dead in 3D

    Source: Sunway Lagoon
    Put your 3D glasses on as you walk through the maze of your death, where everything is said to grow dark around you until there’s nothing left but darkness. Don’t be tempted by the flickers of light, they might not be on your side.

    2. Island of the Dolls

    Source: Sunway Lagoon
    In a special outdoor setting, the Island of the Dolls is no refuge for the faint-hearted. For the brave, look the dolls in the eyes if you dare! Don’t let your guard down as you walk through the misty cave near the end of your journey.

    3. Ouija

    Source: Sunway Lagoon
    Welcome to the mysterious and forgotten attic of Mr. E.J. Bond Esquire’s home. Gather around for a spin at the Ouija and in search for the unknown, you might not like what you find.

    4. Dystopia – Hospital Hell

    Source: Sunway Lagoon
    The frightful stories of patient treatments loom over us but they can’t hurt us when they’re just stories. Or can they? In Dystopia, those stories will become your reality and soon enough, you’ll wonder if they’re the patients or you are!

    5. Horrorwood Studios

    Source: Sunway Lagoon
    Brace yourselves as the scariest movie characters of all time come to life and are more ready than ever to terrorize the patrons of Scream Park. Your scariest night of horror is the best night of their lives at the Horrorwood Studios.

    6. The Ghostbusters Adventure LIVE!

    Source: Sunway Lagoon
    If there’s somethin’ strange in your neighborhood. Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! As you wander through the iconic Firehouse HQ and other locations like the Aldridge Mansion and Seward Street Subway, watch out for anything out of the ordinary.

    7. Zombie Apocalypse

    Source: Sunway Lagoon
    In the land of the undead, you can only run but you can never hide. There’s no escape from the grasps of fear in Zombie Apocalypse! You don’t know what horror is until you’ve stepped foot into the labyrinth of the undead.

    8. Pontianak VS Pocong

    Source: Sunway Lagoon
    The worst of the worst of Asian folklore is no longer a myth in this horrifying, hair-raising battle between Pontianak and Pocong. There is no coming out alive in this bloody affair – a lover returning as a Pontianak and unfaithful husband as a Pocong.

    Thrill rides, Scare Zones, and other highlights

    Aside from the 8 horror-filled haunted houses, Nights of Fright V also features other attractions like 11 blood-pumping thrill rides, 5 creepy Scare Zones, and 4 exciting show stages.
    Thrill Rides
    You might already be familiar with Sunway Lagoon’s exhilarating and joyous rides but you gotta experience them in the dark. It certainly a list of the 11 thrilling rides in the dark that will get you excited:
    Scare Zones
    Watch your back as you wander through the 5 different Scare Zones – Horrorwood Boulevard, Zombie Pirates, Forest of Fear, Judgement Lane, and March of the Undead. You never know who (or what) are waiting to greet you!
    For the brave souls, it’s the perfect opportunity to snap some spooky photos that will crown you Halloween King or Queen!
    Show Stages
    Be entertained with the Festival of Fear stages located throughout the area. The 4 show stages during Nights of Fright V are Horrors Circus Stage, Wicked Souls, The Egyptian Temple, and Judgement Stage.
    The Horrors Circus stage is not your ordinary circus show, with its display of Freak Show performance. Meanwhile, Wicked Souls shines the spotlight on mystical magicians and performers for an enchanting show.
    Watch in awe at the spectacular fire-show performed by professionals at The Egyptian Temple stage. At the Judgement Stage, on the other hand, is a spooky exhibit of Show of the Undead that will leave you unnerved.

    Rustle up the courage for a horror-filled night!

    Have a frightening weekend with your friends at Sunway Lagoon’s Nights of Fright exclusive for this Halloween month! Get your tickets from Klook now and enjoy instant confirmation for a hassle-free experience.