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    Mount Hakone Ropeway and Owakudani Closed Due To Possible Eruption

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    Possible eruption of Mount Hakoneyama

    The Japan Meteorological Agency has raised the volcanic eruption warning on Mount Hakoneyama to level 2 after increasing seismic activity was detected. There was an increase from 0 to 45 volcanic earthquakes on the banks of Lake Ashi near the base of the mountain, leading to the rise of the warning level.

    All visitors to the area are warned to stay clear of the crater as a potential eruption that will damage the area could occur.

    Closure of Hakone Ropeway

    The Hakone town government have also announced the closure of Owakudani from 19 May and the Hakone Ropeway Co. also announced on that day that it suspended operations between Sounzan and Togendai stations, the starting to final stops, for the time being.

    If you’re travelling to Mount Hakone, there will be bus services between these stations by way of Ubako Station from 9 a.m. on May 19.

    Other Mount Fuji viewing spots

    Many of us head to Hakone for views of the majestic Mount Fuji. While Lake Ashi does offer some of the best views of the mountain, here are some other spots you can catch sight of Fuji now that parts of Hakone is closed off.

    If you’ve got any queries on the Hakone activities you’ve booked on Klook, feel free to drop an email to support@klook.com for clarifications.