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    Hong Kong-Singapore Travel Bubble Confirmed To Start On Nov 22

    Chris Soh
    Chris Soh
    11 Nov 2020
    hk sg travel bubble

    Hong Kong-Singapore pioneer the world's first travel bubble

    In press conferences held simultaneously in Hong Kong and Singapore on Nov 11, the news Singapore and Hong Kong residents have been waiting for was announced: the first travel bubble in the world has a confirmed date: Nov 22.
    Before you book your tickets, here's what you need to know.

    What does the travel bubble mean?

    mbs singapore
    The travel bubble will provide the following benefits to residents in both countries:
    • Freedom of travel for any reason, including tourism or leisure
    • Exemption from quarantine or Stay-Home Notices
    • All travellers must test negative on a Covid-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test within 72 hours before departure
    • Travellers who test positive for Covid-19 will be required to bear their own medical costs
    • Adhere to each country's social distancing rules, including wearing of masks and restrictions on group gatherings
    Anyone who has remained in Singapore or Hong Kong for the past 14 consecutive days is eligible to be part of the travel bubble.
    The travel bubble will be limited to 200 passengers each direction for a start as there will only be one flight per day. Here are the initial flight details:
    From Nov 22-29
    • SQ 890 (SG->HK), SQ 891 (HK->SG, return flight), operating on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun
    • CX734 (HK->SG), CX 759 (SG->HK, return flight), operating on Tues, Thurs, Sat
    From Nov 30-Dec 6
    • CX734 (HK->SG), CX 759 (SG->HK, return flight), operating on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun
    • SQ 890 (SG->HK), SQ 891 (HK->SG, return flight) operating on Tues, Thurs, Sat
    Daily flights from both airlines will start from Dec 7 2020.
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    Notes for travelling from Hong Kong to Singapore

    Travellers from Hong Kong to Singapore must
    • Install the Trace Together app for contact tracing. The app must be activated during the full duration of their stay, and must be kept on the phone for 14 days after leaving Singapore
    • Travel for an air travel pass between 7-30 days before arrival in Singapore. Singapore citizens, permanent residents, and long-term pass holders are exempted from this, although long-term pass holders are required to apply for an approval letter for entry
    Some activities to check out when you're in Singapore:

    Notes for travelling from Singapore to Hong Kong

    hong kong night
    Travellers from Singapore to Hong Kong must
    • Take a Covid-19 test at Hong Kong International Airport, which could take up to 4 hours. Travellers cannot leave the airport without confirmation of negative test results and all travellers must book for and pay for these tests before departing Singapore
    • Apply for approval?to take a PCR test at least 7 days before departing Singapore. Travellers will not need to apply for approval to take the test from Dec 1
    Some activities to check out when you're in Singapore:
    This article will be updated with new details as they come in.