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    FamilyMart in Japan: Bubble Tea, Cheese Tarts & More Snacks!

    Klook team
    Klook team
    15 Mar 2020
    FamilyMart Japan 3

    Must try items in Japan FamilyMart

    Japanese convenience stores are treasure troves hiding away some of the most convenient and economical options for food. Throw away all notions that convenience stores only have boring old stuff because in Japan, FamilyMart has more than your usual onigiris and bentos. Bubble tea, cheese stuffed burger patties and cold ramen are just some of the things you can pick up on the go. If you’re heading to Japan, here are some must try items!
    While there are many Combinis (Convenience Stores) in Japan, FamilyMart is the 2nd largest chain! The largest one is 7-Eleven and here are some items you should try from 7-Eleven Japan.
    Before you go, here are some travel essentials you’ll need for your trip:

    1. Cheese Stuffed Burger Patty

    Hamburger Steaks or as the Japanese call it hambagu are extremely popular and you can find them in abundance at FamilyMart! Not just an ordinary hambagu, this patty comes oozing with cheese. Just pop it into the microwave and get your cameras ready to capture that oozy cheese shot!

    2. Bubble Tea

    While the bubble tea fever is just starting to hit Japan, FamilyMart has already got your back! Grab your daily dosage of boba available in several flavours including Tapioca Milk Tea and Tapioca Coconut Milk.
    They even have bubble tea flavoured ice cream!

    3. Cheese Tart

    The “Rich and Creamy” Cheese Tart is one of the Japan Family Mart’s biggest jems. This cheese tart is highly underrated and is a huge hit even with the locals. The crisp buttery crust with rich and creamy cheese filling is delicious and surprisingly light on the taste buds!

    4. Kobe Beef Flavoured Baby Star

    While not all of us can afford to splurge on the melt in your mouth Kobe beef, you can get a hint of what that tastes like thanks to the new Kobe beef flavoured noodle sticks! We recommend enjoying this with a Suntory Highball or a refreshing C1000 Lemon Drink for best results!

    5. Mentaiko

    While mentaiko or pollock roe is most commonly found as a topping or a sauce for most of us, the Japanese actually eat it on its own! You can have it raw with some rice or slightly heated over a pan! You can also make these into spreads when mixed with mayonnaise or just toss it with some pasta and serve it fresh.

    6. Clam Miso Soup

    This instant clam miso soup comes with actual clams in their shells and a rich soup base full of umami. This hot savoury soup is the perfect solution to a cold day.

    7. Curry Omurice

    Looking for something heavier? Satisfy your midnight cravings for some curry omurice with this hearty bowl from FamilyMart. The curry was mildly spicy, perfect for those who can’t handle the heat. Reheat yours in the microwaves available in store and tuck right in!

    8. Hiyashi Cold Ramen

    In the hot summers, if you prefer some cold noodles over the piping hot bowls of ramen, grab a bowl of some cold ramen! Topped with tamago, pork slices and even a ramen egg, these noodles are a refreshing treat from the heat.

    9. Green Tea Doughnuts

    Looking for a sweet treat? Grab a donut or two from FamilyMart! Available in flavours like matcha, double chocolate and even seasonal flavours like sakura, you can have one of these on the go for a quick sugar rush.

    10. Natto

    Ever wondered what natto or fermented soybeans taste like? If you’re feeling adventurous, grab yours from the nearest FamilyMart and dig in to your box of slimy and sticky beans. These are known to be incredibly healthy but might require some getting used to!

    11. Fried Chicken

    Who can resist freshly fried boneless crispy chicken cutlets, perfectly juicy and seasoned? The fried chicken cutlets are a huge hit and often sell out fast, but they are always replenished so don’t fret. Even if they’re out of stock, you can always hop over to the next FamilyMart which is probably just a few steps away.

    12. Melon Pan

    The Butter Melon Pan at FamilyMart is one of the more popular pastries in the store and we managed to grab the last pack while we were there! The bread dough is covered by cookie dough and baked to perfection, leaving you with a crumbly cookie outside and soft fluffy bun inside.

    13. Dorayaki

    The Dorayaki is a red bean sandwich and the one done by FamilyMart is absolutely delicious. The soft and fluffy pancakes sandwich a generous portion of azuki bean paste, with whole beans used in the filling!

    14. Unique Calbee Chip Flavours

    The Japanese are known for some of the most uniquely flavoured potato chips so it’s no surprise that Calbee, one of the most popular chip makers in the market, has come up with their own range of unique Japanese flavours. The Japan exclusive Japanese Curry flavour packs a punch for all who like spicy chips and you definitely won’t want to miss this.

    Need more food tips for your trip to Japan?

    Activities to check out in Japan

    Now that you’ve got your convenience store treats settled, here are some activities you definitely want to add to your itinerary: