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    10 Reasons To Get A Eurail Pass

    21 Jul 2020
    eurail pass

    1. The Eurail Pass – an ideal companion for transportation around Europe

    Giving you access to over 40,000 destinations across 33 countries, the Eurail Pass makes your European travel adventure a reality. With the Eurail Pass in your pocket, you get unlimited train rides for the period of time you choose in participating countries.
    Travelling by trains in Europe is convenient and speedy, with amazing connections between cities. The Eurail Pass takes that experience to the next level, so you can sit back and relax in your row seat to the Continent.

    2. The options are endless with the Eurail Pass

    There are so many ways to explore. Choose between a consecutive or flexible pass, then pick the validity period you want – during which you can hop on and off as many trains as you'd like.
    Eurail Pass
    All trains are covered, with some differences in use. You don’t need to reserve for local and regional trains, but you do for domestic high-speed, international, scenic and night trains. Seat reservations have an additional fee. Check out Klook’s step by step guide on how to book a Eurail Pass for full details.

    3. It’s super easy to use the Eurail Pass

    First things first, the Eurail Pass price varies depending on whether you choose first or second class seats, flexible or consecutive passes and the validity period. Find out which is the best Pass for your with our useful guide. When you book your pass through Klook, you get the bonus of convenient, free delivery. Alternatively, you can pick up your pass from Incheon International Airport in South Korea or the Klook Hong Kong Central Office.
    Europe Rail Pass
    You'll then make your train reservations through the Klook Europe Rail page up to 90 days before you travel. Reservations can also be made at local train stations.
    Your pass is activated on the first day of use. Simply take it along with your passport to a railway official at the station or at a Eurail Aid Office.

    4. The Eurail Pass gives you travel freedom

    You can plan your ultimate European itinerary from among thousands of tempting options. Always wanted to admire the Louvre’s masterpieces, sample Berlin’s beers or wander Harry Potter filming locations in London? With the Eurail Pass in your pocket, you can do all that and more!
    Once you’ve sorted any required reservations, your Pass covers every journey – so you don’t need individual tickets for each leg. Just note your route on your travel calendar and climb on board!

    5. Iconic scenic trains are included in the Eurail Pass

    Bernina Express
    Your Pass can take you to new heights – through mountains no less! It gives you access to jaw-dropping views along routes that are bucket-list travel experiences in themselves.
    That means gazing in wonder at the Alps through the Bernina Express's panoramic windows, or spotting real-life countryside castles on the route from Vienna to Ljubljana. Just make sure to check in advance whether you need to pay for seat reservation.

    6. Enjoy discounts on the companies like Balearia and Blue Star Ferries

    Blue Star Ferries
    The dazzling blues and greens of Europe’s lakes, rivers and seas are also within reach with the Eurail Pass – at a generous discount or even for free!
    To shave some time off overland travel, long-distance ferries can take you between places like Spain, Greece and Croatia – with the bonus of feeling the sea breeze on your face along the way. If it's chill time you're after, you can cruise for free along Swiss lakes and rivers like the turquoise Lake Brienz.

    7. The Eurail Pass offers discounts for young people and seniors

    Eurail Global Pass
    If you’re between 12 and 27 years old, or over 60, the Eurail Pass comes at a discounted price. Make sure to select the right kind of Pass at checkout to benefit from the reduction.
    There’s also great news if you’re travelling with kids. For every adult Pass, two children between 0 and 11 years old can travel completely free. Visit the Klook Eurail Pass page to see how much you’ll save.

    8. Nab discounted City Cards for major European cities

    Europe Cities
    When you’ve hopped off the train and are ready to explore, you'll find the Eurail Pass is your best travel buddy. Showing your pass can get you a discount or free access to everything from museums to aquariums to sightseeing buses.
    The Pass will also let you buy City Cards for places like Berlin, Salzburg and Valencia at a reduced price, so you can visit hundreds of attractions without paying an additional entry fee and even skip the queue at many places.

    9. It helps you get around local transport, too

    Europe Train
    On top of all the benefits for cross-country travel, the Eurail Pass includes free travel on public transport links like subway systems and buses in select countries. And because you’re going to need to rest in between all the hot spot hopping, you can also use your Pass for discounts on accommodation.

    10. It’s great value for money

    Europe Map
    Eurail Pass prices start around S$370. A continuous pass costs more than the flexible option, but if you're planning on visiting lots of places, this will almost definitely be cheaper than buying tickets for each part of your journey.
    The flexible pass works well if you're travelling on a limited number of days in a one or two-month period. Add in all the nifty discounts for attractions and accommodation, and the financial perks here are pretty clear.

    You'll be going places with the Eurail Pass!

    By now you should know the basics but if you're still wondering where to get Eurail Pass information and how to get the most out of yours, visit Klook’s dedicated Eurail Pass page for tips on where to go and what to do.