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    10 Best Hiking Spots Singapore: Where To Wander In The Lion City

    9 Jul 2020
    trekking spots singapore

    Scenic trails in Singapore

    Singapore’s streets are sizzling and you’re keen to get outdoors for a heart-pumping hike in the sun. The question is – where to start? Though modest in size, Singapore is jam-packed with trekking trails. From wildlife-rich wetlands to islands dotted with temples and kampongs, here are 10 of the best hiking spots in Singapore.

    1. Forest hikes at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

    monkey bukit timah
    Escape the heat by heading inland to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. It's only 12 km from the Central Business District (CBD), yet this place feels like a whole other world. Winding pathways take you through lush rainforest filled with technicolour insects and wildlife such as long-tailed macaques.
    Some of the trails are steep, though overall walks here are suitable for virtually everyone. Klook a Singapore Travel Card and take a public bus from Clarke Quay to Upper Bukit Timah Road.
    Difficulty level: beginner

    2. Picturesque Pulau Ubin for an easy island hike

    Just offshore, floating close to Malaysia’s southern coastline, is the charming Pulau Ubin. Covered in greenery and home to Singapore’s only remaining Kampong (traditional village), this place is a hidden gem.
    Grab your EZ-link card (or Klook a Tourist Pass if you’re from overseas) and ride the MRT to Upper Changi Station then jump on a bus to reach Changi Point Ferry Terminal. From here, it’s a short bumboat ride to the island.
    Difficulty level: beginner

    3. Wander with wildlife at Chestnut Nature Park

    chestnut nature park
    Close to Bukit Timah, you’ll find the wildlife-dotted Chestnut Nature Park – perfect if you’re looking to combine a hike with spotting some of Singapore's rarer birds. Stretch your legs across 800 square kilometres of forested space and you might sight the likes of orange-bellied flowerpeckers and brown-chested jungle flycatchers.
    Less than an hour’s bus ride from the CBD, this park is easy to reach. Jump off at Block 202 on Petir Road or take the LRT to Pending. The park closes at 7 pm daily, so head back to the city in time for a hotpot dinner at Tom Yum Kungfu.
    Difficulty: beginner to intermediate

    4. Meander around MacRitchie Reservoir

    macritchie reservoir
    The treetop walk at MacRitchie Reservoir is a must, offering the chance to immerse yourself in the lofty heights of the forest as you bounce along suspension bridges and gaze out over the glittering water.
    You’ll need around four hours to get the most out of this one, though the hike itself isn’t particularly challenging. Take a bus or jump on the Circle Line to Caldecott MRT Station, which is just a 10-minute walk from the trail’s entrance.
    Difficulty level: beginner

    5. Hike around mysterious Mount Serapong

    mount serapong singapore cable car
    Located on Sentosa Island, Mount Serapong is actually more of a hill, but impressive nonetheless. Trek through the ruins of an old British fort and soak up the ethereal vibes as you uncover its many mysteries. This one's suited to all levels.
    To get here, take the cable car over to Sentosa from the mainland, jumping off at Imbiah Station. It’s an easy 30-minute walk to Mount Serapong from here.
    Difficulty level: all levels

    6. Soak up the serenity of

    Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
    Swamps, mudskippers and monkeys await at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Hugging Singapore’s north coast, this reserve is a touch otherworldly, with monitor lizards and prehistoric-looking birds populating the mangroves.
    Jump on the North South Line at City Hall and make the hour-long trip to Kranji. From here, Bus 925 will take you to the wetland’s entrance.
    Klook tip: Time your hike here to end later in the day, then head to the nearby Singapore Night Safari to see some nocturnal beasts.
    Difficulty level: advanced

    7. Take things slow at Fort Canning Park

    Fort Canning Park
    You won’t get a more central hiking spot than Fort Canning Park. Right by Clarke Quay, the park is home to a collection of nine awe-inspiring gardens, attracting tourists and locals alike for hikes alongside native flora and fauna.
    You can walk to Fort Canning Park in minutes from Singapore’s CBD. The trails are easy and photo opportunities are countless. To really take advantage of the park’s beauty, book an Instagram Tour. A guide will help hone your photography skills as you wander this and other nearby beauty spots.
    Difficulty level: beginner

    8. Check out the Changi East Boardwalk

    Changi East Boardwalk
    Another coastal hike, the Changi East Boardwalk is ideal for laidback meanderings by the ocean. At 2.2 km, this short wooden boardwalk offers some eye-popping views over the shimmering Straits of Johor.
    It’ll take around 90 minutes by MRT or bus to get to Changi Village from central Singapore. If you’re anything like us, you’ll need to refuel afterwards, so and stop off for a feast on your way back into the city.
    Difficulty level: beginner

    9. Birdwatch within Kranji Marshes

    Kranji Marshes
    Located in Singapore’s slightly rugged northwest, Kranji Marshes is home to more than 170 species of bird, as well as over 50 types of butterfly.
    A bit of extra effort is needed to get here, but it’s well worth it. Take the MRT from Singapore’s centre up to Kranji Station, then transfer to the Kranji Express bus service to Kranji Gate. Once you’ve arrived, navigate this freshwater farmland via various trails, keeping a lookout for majestic white-bellied sea eagles.
    Difficulty level: beginner to intermediate

    10. Explore the Learning Forest

    Singapore Botanic Gardens
    Singapore’s Botanic Gardens are one of the nation’s most treasured attractions. Located within them is the Learning Forest, a sprawling wonderland of wild fruit trees, boardwalk-ringed ponds and bamboo groves.
    This is a magical place for an easy hike and is easy to get to. Take a bus from downtown Singapore to Holland Road, then walk just a few minutes to the entrance. Worked up an appetite? Hang around for dinner at Bee’s Knees – a Klook voucher gets you all three courses.
    Difficulty level: all levels

    Looking for more?

    Take a look at Klook’s dedicated Singapore page and start plotting your next adventures. You never know what delights you'll discover while wandering this picture-perfect island nation.