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    Klook Presents Bali Safari - Home Of 8 Adorable Komodo Dragons

    Chris Soh
    Chris Soh
    9 Jun 2020
    Komodo Dragons Bali Safari

    Virtual Bali Safari tour

    baby komodo dragon bali safari
    Keeping spirits up while in quarantine is no easy feat. And with signs all over the world starting to look positive that economies will reopen soon, we’re still on the lookout for the next cute thing to spark some joy in our lives. By now, we’ve all seen the videos of adorable penguins waddling through empty zoos, and if you’re looking for something different, set aside some time and join us on 6 June.?
    On our last Virtual Interactive Experience, we toured Casa Batlló in Barcelona and picked up some interior design inspiration. This time, we’ll be venturing to the beach paradise that is Bali on 6 June at 10am (GST) and spending some time with 8 adorable baby Komodo dragons at Bali Safari.?

    Spending time with baby Komodo dragons

    Bali Safari houses over 1000 different animals across more than 100 species including orangutans, the Bali Starling Birds, and the Komodo Dragon. On this virtual trip, we’ll be finding out more about their 8 baby komodo dragons and what they’ve been up to during the quarantine.
    Born March 12, 2017, these cuties are just over 3 years old and count sunbathing and swimming among their hobbies. As Komodo dragons typically take 5-6 years to fully mature, they’ve got a long way to go yet.?
    baby komodo dragons bali safari
    Komodo dragons are the biggest lizards in the world, growing up to 3 meters long and weighing 100kg, rightfully earning the term “dragon” in their names. For now though, we’re happy to appreciate them as the little dragons they are. We don’t know what they’ll get up to yet when we visit, but we hope they’ll be active!?
    A day out with Komodo dragons

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