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    The 10 Best Attractions In Tokyo Disneysea

    14 May 2020
    Best Attractions In Tokyo Disneysea

    From Disneyland to Disneysea, get ready for even more adventures

    If you're extra hungry for all-things Disney, Tokyo Disneysea should be high on your list. The park is more geared towards adults than Disneyland itself, so the rides are even more thrilling. We've compiled the ultimate guide to the best Tokyo Disneysea rides and how to get your tickets.

    How to get to Tokyo Disneysea & buying tickets

    JR Rail Pass
    Tokyo Disneysea is loved by both locals and tourists for a number of reasons. Not only is it the 'big brother' of Disneyland, it's the only one in the entire world! The park is just 15km from Tokyo city centre and is easily accessible by JR Rail. If you haven't got your pass yet for the trip, we'd recommend doing this on Klook to save on time and money.
    You'll need to get off at Maihama Station – just 15 minutes from Tokyo Station via the Keiyo or Musashino lines. You can then get a shuttle bus service to various locations in both Disneyland and Disneysea. Alternatively, you can book a shuttle bus service from Shinjuku station or an overnight bus if you're traveling in from Osaka.
    Disney tickets are known as 'passports' that come in 2, 3 or 4-day versions. You can select the best one for you upon arrival at the park, which opens from 9am until 10pm.

    1. Voyage to the Centre of the Earth

    Tokyo Disneysea
    Are you ready for a series of epic thrills? Journey to the Centre of the Earth is one of the park's key attractions and is located on Mysterious Island. You'll venture through the deep dark underground on a subterranean vehicle after a volcano eruption, before falling into a world of the unknown. Look out for intriguing creatures, funky forests and Captain Nemo himself before heading back to the surface. The climax is unlike any other!

    2. Step into the Tower of Terror

    Tower of Terror Tokyo Disneysea
    This free-fall ride is said to be Tokyo Disneyland's scariest attraction. Set in a 19th century abandoned hotel, you'll discover its eerie atmosphere as you set foot into the building. On your way to the ride, walk along the cracked path past scruffy gardens and tennis courts while 1930s jazz lingers in the background, as you try to uncover what happened to Hightower after his disappearance.

    3. Head off on a mission with Indiana Jones

    Indiana Jones Tokyo Disneysea
    Tokyo Disneyland's Indiana Jones Adventure takes you on a Jeep ride through the Temple of the Crystal Skull, and is sure to make your stomach drop. Embark on a tour organised by Paco, a friend of Dr Indiana Jones as you trespass in order to find the Fountain of Youth. But beware – the Crystal Skull does not welcome uninvited visitors, so prepare yourself for violent shakes and frights!

    4. Get manic with famous faces at Toy Story Mania!

    Toy Story Mania Tokyo Disneysea
    This up-beat shooter game is most notorious for its unique 3D visuals. The scene takes place under Andy's bed, as you set off on a fun-fuelled adventure with plenty of your favourite Toy Story characters. Go through seven different stops as you battle your opponents using a small cannon – fun for all ages!
    Klook tip: Toy Story Mania! is a popular ride. Grab a FastPass to keep your wait time to a minimum.

    5. Water gliding at Aquatopia

    Aquatopia Tokyo Disneysea
    Say hello to one of the most exclusive Tokyo Disneysea rides. Aquatopia is a fun spin and glide experience through shallow waters that leaves you twisting and turning to the end. Look out for whirlpools and waterfalls as you shoot through each of four courses on this upbeat ride experience. The biggest novelty? It's a water ride but you won't even get wet!

    6. Reach high speeds on Raging Spirits

    Raging Spirits Tokyo Disneysea
    If you're not done with rollercoasters quite yet, hop aboard Raging Spirits. This speedy rollercoaster runs through an eerie ancient temple with plenty of steam and fire effects. But hold on tight – you'll be racing across the tracks at a 60km speed, being chased by the enraged spirits themselves. The attraction also features a grand 360° loop, as well as countless spins and drops. If you're looking for a quick thrill then be sure to add this one to your list.

    7. Venture into the deep at 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

    League Under the Sea Tokyo Disneysea
    Despite no water actually being involved in this ride, the attraction involves heading into a mysterious underwater world. Keep your eyes peeled for giant squid from the windows of your sea rover as you search for the sunken continent of Atlantis. Once you've been lowered down through pure darkness, the visual effects are spectacular and truly capture a sense of discovery.

    8. Soar for miles on the Fantastic Flight

    Fantastic Flight Tokyo Disneysea
    Ever dreamt of flying? This brand new Tokyo Disneysea attraction has already caught visitors' attention, aiming to fulfil our floating desires. As you enter, you'll step into a dimly-lit room surrounded only by screens. Once you've taken flight, you'll lift off into the magical skies with wind blowing in your face. Look out for passing hot air balloons and nightscape city views as you set off on a one-of-a-kind voyage across the earth.

    9. Hop on Jasmine's Flying Carpets

    Jasmine's Flying Carpet Tokyo Disneysea
    Are you ready to see a whole new world? Jump aboard Jasmine's Flying Carpets and embark on your magical journey through misty skies. You can make your carpet go up, down, forwards and backwards as you soar through the skies above.

    10. Ride through the sea with Nemo & Friends

    SeaRider Tokyo Disneysea
    Get ready to jump inside the SeaRider –?you're going to be submersed on a journey with Nemo. Discover the magnificent marine life of the ocean, as Nemo and Dory see it themselves. You'll get to meet many famous faces, like Destiny, the whale shark, Hank and Octopus.

    Refuel after a long day

    Vulcania Tokyo Disneysea
    Feeling peckish after all that? There are countless bars and restaurants at Tokyo Disneysea, offering everything from juicy hot dogs to creamy hot chocolates. You can munch on a Monsters Inc. mocha ball or popcorn from Alvin and the Chipmunks' basket. For something more substantial, head to Vulcania Restaurant for Chinese delights or Magellan's for classic French dishes. Klook a 4G portable WIFI rental to share snaps of your visit while satisfying your appetite.
    Dreaming of more?
    If you can't get enough of what the Japanese capital has to offer, visit Klook's dedicated Tokyo page – you're never far from creating even more amazing memories in this magical place.