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    Experience a Beach Getaway in this Secluded Beach Resort in Phuket, Thailand

    Matt Olivares
    Matt Olivares
    13 Aug 2021
    a panoramic view of Amari Phuket Hotel from outside

    Amari Phuket Hotel

    Through the Sandbox program, Phuket has finally reopened its doors to foreign tourists, provided that they are fully vaccinated with proof. If you’re fully vaccinated and itching to take a breather from your homeland for a bit, then a trip to this tropical paradise might do your body, mind, and soul some good, and we recommend that you spend your nights at the famous Amari Phuket, a 5-star hotel located in a secluded section along Patong Beach.
    The hotel is SHA Plus-certified, meaning that it follows and commits to the public health and safety guidelines under the Phuket Sandbox, so you’re guaranteed to always be walking into clean and frequently disinfected places within the premises. Not only that, but the location is also convenient because you’ll be close to the beach and the hotel is just a 5-minute walk away from Phuket Town, so you’ll be close to several of the island’s most popular attractions.

    What to Expect

    a balcony in Amari Phuket
    Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/AmariPhuket/photos/5858394967535915
    The hotel’s rooms have interiors that are modern and chic reimaginings of traditional Thai abodes that will give guests the feeling of being at a home away from home. They have silky smooth and soft beds, free Wi-Fi connection, televisions, and other modern amenities that will keep you from feeling you’re out of your comfort zone despite being in a tropical paradise.
    The defining feature that all these rooms have in common is that they offer spectacular views, full or partial, of the Andaman Sea’s pristine crystalline waters. If you’ve been longing to feel what it’s like to stay in a fancy house by the shore, then booking a stay at Amari Phuket will give you an experience close to it!
    a living room and dining area in an Amari Phuket Suite
    a kitchenette in an Amari Phuket Suite
    The hotel doesn’t just have your typical rooms, but also one/two-bedroom suites with ocean-facing views. Aside from the aforementioned modern amenities, the suites have sections that serve as both a living room and dining area. They have fully equipped kitchens, so you can whip up some meals for your group, and brew hot cups of coffee and soul-soothing tea! And, if you don’t feel like exploring the town or visiting the island’s natural treasures, the living room is the perfect place to just kick back, relax, and read a book (if you brought one with you) or watch TV.


    The hotel, of course, is more than just its luxurious rooms and their ocean views. It has numerous facilities that will help you maximize your stay in the hotel.
    pool in Amari Phuket
    The pool area has numerous seats, some of them long enough that you can lie down and take a nap or sunbathe. There’s even an infinity pool with a spectacular view of the ocean and the other parts of the island.
    kids club in Amari Phuket
    If you have little ones in your group, you can leave them at the Kids Club where there are toys for them to play with, educational media for interactive learning, and pencils and crayons so they can doodle what’s in their imaginations. It’s also a great place where kids can interact with others their age!
    dining area with ocean view in Amari Phuket
    The hotel also has its fair share of restaurants and bars, so if you’re looking to satisfy your belly but don’t want to leave the premises, you can drop by any one of them to enjoy a delicious meal, preferably in the evening so you can enjoy a night view of the Andaman Sea. All the more if you’re with your significant other. La Gritta serves seafood as well as Italian dishes by the seafront. Rim Talay, on the other hand, serves dishes from various international cuisines and also hosts themed buffets and even entertainment on certain nights.

    Book a stay in Amari Phuket Hotel through Klook!

    Are you set on visiting Phuket for your vacation? Then don’t pass up on staying at this renowned hotel! You might also want to read our 7-14 day itinerary to help you determine how you might want to spend your days on the island, and if you’re going to stay for one or two weeks, then we recommend that you select the 14-night packages.

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