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    17 Taipei Foods You Need to Try

    IMG 1996

    Indulge your foodie senses?with these tasty Taipei treats.

    Beef Noodle Soup 牛肉麵 (Niu Rou?Mian)

    Beef Noodle Soup TaipeiVans pull up to vendors in the middle of the night for a suspicious exchange of…fresh beef. With no fridge life, Taiwanese beef soup literally comes “straight from the cow.”

    Eat your weight in Beef Noodle Soup with our Promo!

    Dragon Ball?龍珠 (Long Zhu)

    Dragon Ball Taipei

    Fried squid mouths with a hint of spice. Fun fact: squid only have one hole…think about it.

    Stinky Tofu ~in shop special~?臭豆腐 (Chou Dou Fu)

    Stinky Tofu Taipei

    What smells like poop, tastes like poop, but actually isn’t poop? Oh, right…

    Wheel Cake/Wheel Pie?車輪餅 (Che Lun Bing)

    Taipei Wheel Cake

    Sweet fried dough filled with red beans or custard — best eaten standing in the middle of the street. (Example above)

    Fu-long Lunch Box?福隆便當 (Fu Long Bian Dang)

    Taiwan Lunch Box Meal

    Japanese bento box? No, this is Fu-long’s famous lunch box — get with the program

    Stone Flower Jelly?石花凍 (Shi Hua Dong)

    Taiwanese Drink

    Top your lemonade/tea combo off with a glob of mystery jello!

    Taiwanese Herb Tea?青草茶 (Qing Cao Cha)

    Taiwan Herbal Tea Drink

    Ever had a chocolate chip frappuchino? Well, this tastes like the last few swigs?of it — trust me.

    Mango Shaved Ice 剉冰 (Mang Guo Sha Bing)

    Mango Shaved Ice

    No words. Just feelings. Try Smoothie House?or Taro King in Yong Kang Street!

    Grilled Squid?烤魷魚 (Kao You Yu)

    Taipei Squid

    With or without jiggling tentacles?

    Taiwanese Taco (Koah-pau or Gua Bao)?刈包

    Taipei Gua Bao

    Soft dough, glazed pork, fresh cabbage?and shredded peanuts…so, basically heaven.

    Braised Pork Rice?滷肉飯 (Lu Rou Fan)

    Lu Rou Fan Taipei

    Savoury, sweet, filling…no wonder this is one of Taiwan’s most famous dishes.

    Try it out at Hu Tao Traditional Taiwanese Cuisine or Du Hsiao Yeuh in Yongkang Street!

    Spicy Won Tons?紅油炒手 (Hong You Chao Shou)

    Taipei Dumplings

    Warning: The juicy, perfectly spiced wontons may result in an involuntary?foodgasm.

    Cha-Tung-Hui’s Bubble Tea (Cha Tang Hui Zhen Zhu Nai Cha)

    Taipei Bubble Tea

    Happy customers at a branch of Taiwan’s first bubble tea cafe?and the best!

    Taiwanese Burrito/Spring Roll?潤餅 (Run Bing)

    Run Bing Taipei Street FoodTortilla, ground peanuts, cilantro…and taro ice-cream? The conflicting elements combine for an?unexpectedly delightful dessert.

    Small Sausage in Large Sausage?大腸包小腸 (Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang)

    Taipei Sausage Street FoodA small sausage placed inside of a larger one that’s actually skin covered rice…brilliant!

    Oyster Pancake?蚵仔煎?(Ke Zai Jian)

    Taipei Oyster Pancakes

    Slimy yet satisfying

    ?Pancake from Childhood 小時候的大餅 (Xiao Shi Hou De Da Bing)

    Taipei Pancake From ChildhoodYour choice of sweet filling stuck between two unforgiving?thick pancakes.

    Soup Dumplings 小籠湯包 (Xiaolongbao)

    Din Tai Fung Xiao Long BaoOne doesn’t simply “eat”?xiaolongbao. Dilute your tourist?appearance — learn the technique (with Din Tai Fung’s handy how-to guide!)