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    Don't be deceived by the polished exterior, this island city-state offers a mélange of personalities, perfectly fusing its glam modernity and colonial charm. No wonder it's a perennial favorite for a weekend getaway.


    Showcasing the true meaning of sprawling metropolis, Bangkok has a lot to offer. Dedicated backpacker nightlife, gilded stupas materializing on every other corner, colorful river markets, and street food to blow every Thai meal you've ever eaten way out of the water.


    Seoul is a bona fide megacity – a pulsing capital that has firmly planted itself on the traveler's map. With a buzzing music scene, impeccable transport system, friendly people - not to mention the food…oh the food – there are endless reasons to visit South Korea's largest metropolis.


    Where dazzling skyscrapers and the world's tallest tower meet traditional temples, where 'Maid Cafés' sidle up to gourmet restaurants and expansive city parks nestle comfortably within the metropolis.

    Hong Kong

    One of few cities where, within a day, you can transition from the bustling heart of downtown to a white sandy beach or remote island and back in time for dinner at the hottest new restaurant.