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    Science Centre Singapore Goes Above And Beyond With Its Latest Exhibitions

    3 Jan 2018

    Beatrice Lee

    Klook Travel Curator

    Up, up and away!

    The Science Centre Singapore celebrates 40 years with four whole new exhibitions that will change the way you view science!

    What was once a dreaded school subject manifests itself in exciting new themes like the Dialogue with Time, Circus, Phobia and the latest tie-up with Boeing - Above and Beyond.

    Coupled with the classic exhibits and the Omni Theatre, expect to spend more than just a few hours here at the Science Centre Singapore on your next visit there!

    Above and Beyond - The ultimate interactive flight exhibition

    If you’re a big fan of flight technology of the future you won’t want to miss this exhibition. Presented by aerospace leader Boeing, this highly interactive set up envisages new age travel with futuristic prototypes and even an elevator capable of sending you to space!

    Not to be missed is Full Throttle where visitors can design their own virtual fighter jet and pilot their own spacecraft in an aerial race against fellow competitors! The Elevator to Space gives you a glimpse of the challenges and innovations of aerospace technology that might even make space travels possible in something as simple as a very tall elevator.

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    Phobia - The Science of Fear

    Ever wondered why certain things scare you? Discover the science behind your fears as you embark on a journey through original pop-art design and bespoke concepts that might just bring some of your horrors to life.

    Step into an elevator that will bring you back to the dawn of mankind as you begin your journey of fear. From being buried alive to clowns and even the monsters in your closet, your greatest fears are broken down into logical explanations that might just help you to overcome them. If the exhibition gets too much for you, you can opt to chicken out - no judgement we promise!

    By the way, did you know FOMO (fear of missing out) is a real thing?

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    Circus! Science Under The Big Top

    Much like a real circus, this travelling exhibition has visited many countries around the world and finally is here in Singapore!

    Visitors stand a chance to experience the exhilarating feeling of balancing on a three metre High Wire and even perform some acrobatic tricks on Elastic Acrobatics. If you’ve ever wondered how contortionists manage to squeeze themselves into impossibly small spaces, practice some “packanatomicalization” yourself - it’s no easy feat!

    Note: Circus! requires a separate ticket for admission

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    Dialogue with Time - Embrace Ageing

    This exhibition was the one that impressed us the most and well worth the hour of your time needed to go through the entire set-up. Dialogue with Time is a new permanent exhibition at the Science Centre aimed at promoting greater understanding, empathy and preparedness for the ageing process.

    The exhibition looks like a scene straight out of a Wes Anderson movie (think Grand Budapest Hotel) with pastel walls and almost cartoon-like illustrations that help to give what would otherwise have been a heavy topic some youthful feel (ironic, we know) and vigour. Without spoiling too much, each station is carefully planned to place you in the shoes of an ageing individual going through the same everyday situations.

    The best part of this whole exhibition? Your guide is none other than a senior citizen for the most heartwarming hour you’ll spend at the Science Centre yet.

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