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    Legoland Malaysia Review : We Tried The World's First VR Lego Coaster!

    7 Dec 2017

    Justin Neo

    Klook Travel Curator

    Brick loads of fun await you at Legoland Malaysia!

    From speeding down motorways in a race car to battling the Great Devourer with your ninja skills, Legoland Malaysia Resort is packed with excitement for the whole family. Apart from having fun on the rides at Legoland Malaysia Theme Park, you can also have a splashing good time at the Legoland Water Park and stay the night at Legoland Hotel with the coolest themed rooms ever!

    The Klook team tried out the world’s FIRST Virtual Reality (VR) Lego coaster, and it was truckloads of fun! Read on to find out how to have the best time at Legoland Malaysia. Ready, set, LEGO!

    Getting Legoland Malaysia tickets

    Klook your tickets to Legoland Malaysia for the ultimate hassle free experience! Skip the long lines at the ticketing counter and enter directly with your mobile e-voucher! Plus, since tickets are open-dated, you won’t have to worry about bad weather foiling your plans.

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    Legoland Malaysia Theme Park

    Legoland Malaysia Theme Park is made up of 7 different themed zones: The Beginning, Lego Ninjago World, Miniland, Imagination, Lego Technic, Lego Kingdoms, Land of Adventure and Lego City. You’ll be taken into a whole new world (made almost entirely out of legos) whenever you step into a new zone. Find out which rides are worth the queues and which food items are worth the calories below!

    Lego Technic

    Race your friends on the world’s first VR Lego coaster!

    The newest star of the park is definitely The Great Lego Race VR Coaster! Putting a whole new twist to the regular roller coaster, the VR effects take you on a journey to a whole new world. Experience the action from all directions as you navigate through the course made entirely out of legos. With your VR headset on, it’ll be as if you’ve entered a whole other world that you won’t even realize what’s going on outside!

    Strap on your VR goggles and get ready to race your friends through one of the toughests race courses out there. Featuring our favorite Minifigures Wizard, Trendsetter, Pharoah, Surfer Girl, Wizard and Pirate Captain, take on your favorite character and race your friends. When your race car tumbles down an 18 meter slope, feel your heart drop as your perfectly synchronized roller coaster cart dips!

    Get ready to be soaked on the Aquazone Wave Racers

    Hop onto a racer and get ready to battle! As you spin around the pool in your racer, beware of exploding water bombs triggered by passersby as well. Even if you’re not up for riding it yourself, head to the water guns at the side to spray those on the rides. Otherwise, push any of the buttons surrounding the ride to see the water bomb explode and soak those riding. Challenge your buddies to see who will be the driest at the end of the ride!

    Feel the Force at the Star Wars Mini Land

    Featuring 7 scenes from the 6 Star Wars films, all Star Wars fans will definitely not want to miss this! Built using 1.5 million Lego bricks, even if you’re not a fan of Star Wars, you’ll be blown away by how detail oriented these mini Star Wars figurines are. Be sure to push the buttons to see the figurines come to life, taking you into a whole new galaxy, far far away.

    Lego Kingdoms

    Fly through the skies on The Dragon

    This family friendly roller coaster is perfect for those who want a taste of the adrenaline but are still a little afraid inside. Hang on tight as your dragon zips and dips across the castle grounds!

    Relive your childhood with some good ol’ carnival games

    If rides aren’t your thing, fret not! There are plenty of other things to do in Legoland! Many of us spent our pocket money on carnival games, only to go home empty handed. Well, at Legoland Malaysia, there are many little game booths with traditional carnival games with tons of prizes waiting to be won! So put those aiming skills to the test and take home a souvenir! Don’t forget to get your million dollar hypebeast shot on the throne near the castle stage!

    Lego Ninjago World

    Put your ninja skills to the test on Ninjago the ride!

    Put on your 3D glasses, stretch those arm muscles and get ready to fight your way through the Great Devourer’s army! With the latest in motion sensor technology, you won’t need any handheld devices but you will need some arm muscles. Halfway through the ride, our arms felt as if they were about to drop off from all that fighting! Be sure to practice all your power moves and train those arms before heading down.

    Land of Adventure

    Crash into the dangerous waters with huge splash on Dino Island

    Quite possibly the wettest ride in the park, set sail on a log boat through the land of animated Lego dinosaurs! As you head up the forgotten volcano, prepare yourselves for a splashdown into dangerous waters. It is near impossible to stay dry on this ride!

    Have your Legos and eat it too!

    After getting a good soaking, you’ll definitely be hungry! Head over to burger joint for some of the cutest looking Lego shaped fries. Pair these with a juicy hot dog or a mouthwatering gourmet burger for a full meal.


    Test your Lego building skills!

    If you’ve ever dreamt of designing your own building, here you can put those building skills to the test! Grab as many Lego blocks as you need and start building it up. Be sure to make your base as wide and stable as possible before placing it on the earthquake simulator to see if your building can withstand some shakes.

    You can also build your own Lego cars and race them down the track! Head over to the counter to collect a set of wheels and get building!

    Get a bird’s eye view of the entire park at the Observation Tower

    Grab a seat in the Observation Deck as the tower rotates 360 degrees and rises to the sky, introducing you to a whole new perspective of the park. Take in views of the waterpark, hotel and of course the theme park and challenge yourselves to find your favorite landmarks at Miniature land.

    Get your grub on at Pizza Mania

    After all that excitement on the rides, if you hear your stomach grumbling, head over to Pizza Mania for some of your all time favorite pizzas, pastas, salads, soups and even desserts! With a huge variety of toppings, you’ll definitely find one suitable for your tastebuds. They also have vegetarian options and all the food served here is halal!

    Legoland Malaysia Souvenir Stores

    You definitely cannot leave the place without bringing a piece of Lego home. Head to the BIG shop before exiting the park to get your hands on Lego sets! From Disney princesses to Storm Troopers and even our favorite Marvel heroes like Wonder Woman, you’ll surely find something you like here.

    Legoland Malaysia Family Friendly Facilities

    There is a stroller center near the turnstiles at the entrance for parents who prefer to push their children around the park, especially since the park is huge! It costs RM30 for the single stroller and RM45 for the twin stroller for the whole day.

    Bottle warmers, high chairs, rockers for nursing moms, baby change facilities and a microwave are all available at the baby care centre. In addition, all restrooms, male and female parkwide have diaper change tables and family restrooms available. Lockers are also available at Project X, Observation Towers, Dino Island and the Water Park. It costs RM20 a day for a smaller locker, RM40 a day for a bigger one. You rent the locker for the whole day, and you can open and close it as many times as you want.

    Legoland Malaysia Water Park

    If having fun at the theme park just wasn’t enough for you, have a splashing good time at the waterpark! From 312 feet high slides to just lazing around in a float in the lazy river, and of course building your own raft with Legos, you’ll definitely be able to spend the whole afternoon here.

    Legoland Hotel Malaysia

    Couple your visit to the parks with an unforgettable stay at the Legoland Malaysia Hotel for the ultimate experience at Legoland Malaysia! Have the most unforgettable sleepover of your life as you stay the night in the awesome themed rooms, Relieve your times at the Ninjago world and Lego Kingdoms and solve the hidden mysteries in your rooms.

    The Legoland Malaysia Hotel is located conveniently at the entrance of the theme park, which great for all the tired bodies after a long day of fun at the parks. Prices range from RM700 to RM2000 a night depending on seasonality and room type. Deluxe rooms can fit up to 8 people and premium rooms can fit up up to 5 people.

    Getting to Legoland Malaysia

    Chartered bus transfer

    Klook yourselves a Legoland bus transfer from Singapore for a hassle free border crossing experience. Arrive in comfort as your chartered bus takes you from central Singapore right to the gates of Legoland.

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    Klook car charter

    If you’re travelling with family or just want to arrive at Legoland without the hassle of alighting from the vehicle at the immigration points, Klook yourself a private car charter for the most convenient way to Legoland! Get picked up from your hotel and arrive in Legoland in the ultimate comfort.

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