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    [SALE] Aquaria Phuket Ticket

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    • Purchase tickets to enter the largest aquarium in Thailand, which houses over 25,000 marine creatures!
    • There are numerous interactive zones to visit like Station Aquarius, Mystic Forest, and Coastal Haven
    • Take the opportunity to dine while you marvel at the majestic undersea wonders surrounding you
    • Enter the Trickeye Museum and get lost in unique rooms filled to their brims with optical illusions
    • Test your visual sense by engaging with trompe-l'?il paintings and imagine yourself in surreal worlds
    SHA Plus certified

    This activity is awarded SHA Plus certification with over 70% of staff vaccinated against COVID 19

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    What to expect

    Aquaria Phuket is Thailand’s largest aquarium which houses and protects over 25,000 water-dwelling creatures like otters, reptiles, penguins, rays, turtles, sharks, and jellyfish! Marvel at these majestic marine faunae by exploring its four interactive zones: Mystic Forest, Coastal Haven, South China Sea, and Station Aquarius. Engage with their exhibits to learn about different habitats and take the opportunity to dine in an underwater restaurant. You can also select the package that comes with a ticket to the Trickeye Museum, a popular exhibition space featuring numerous trompe-l'?il paintings, which is a kind of art form that utilizes realism in such a way that it creates an illusion that the image is three-dimensional. Its rooms will make you feel like you’re actually inside paintings! If you’re looking to visit fun-filled places that your entire family can enjoy, then visit Aquaria and the Trickeye Museum!

    SHA Plus certification
    Aquaria Phuket has certified as SHA Plus standard from Thai's Ministry of Public Health
    Aquaria and Trickeye Museum banner
    Visit the Trickeye Museum to experience immersive, surreal photos and feel like you’re inside them
    an arapaima in Aquaria Phuket
    Purchase tickets to Enter Aquaria Phuket and marvel at majestic creatures like arapaimas and manta rays
    Aquaria zones
    The aquarium has several zones, each with a specific habitat housing certain kinds of animals and fish
    manta rays in Aquaria
    Aquaria is a wonderful place where you can learn about the magic of the big blue sea!


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